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BJJ Moves

an aid to memory

I am learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
I wanted to have somewhere I could make notes about what I learned in class, to help me remember the moves better, that I could make entries in from work/home/wherever I happen to be the next day.
This seemed the easiest way.

I should point out to anyone that does find my page, these notes are my best recollection of what I was shown by a qualified instructor and I am writing them down in the hopes that I will remember them better if I do.
If you try and attempt any of these you may injure yourself very badly.
BJJ is great fun, and I encourage you to try it out if you think it would interest you, but do so under a qualified instructor and not the half remembered scribblings of some white belt who has been doing this a few months at best.

The above is of course no longer true. I am now a blue belt. I still wouldn't recommend trying to learn BJJ moves from text on the interwebs.